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Ahold Delhaize USA Team In Place For Jan. 1 Rollout

Combining the leadership of Ahold USA and Delhaize America into one job with (not surprisingly) Kevin Holt named to lead all U.S. operations for Ahold Delhaize (AD), the new domestic team is virtually complete and ready to roll into action on January 1.

Just prior to the Holt promotion was the completion of the big merchant’s “Wave C” job assignments affecting associates in IT, legal, people systems and services, finance, supply chain and communications.

The new structure places priorities on its brands (banners) and on its Retail Business Services (RBS) unit, which was created earlier this year to oversee administrative functions. Those who made the cut in “Wave C” will be part of RBS. At the brand level, “Wave C” focused on human resources, finance, fresh formats and quality assurance.

According to Ahold Delhaize USA, the completion on “Wave C” marks a significant milestone in the transition of its U.S. companies. The big retailer emphasized that the final “wave” of its restructuring “was all about supporting the brands with the right expertise and the right structure.”

In an internal memo, AD stated that in 2017, “we have been focused on staffing and selecting for more than 5,000 total positions through the various staffing waves, an accomplishment that was made possible by contributions of associates in every function.”

Here’s the “Wave C” key personnel lineup (VPs and higher): at Giant Food in Landover, Robin Anderson has been named VP- human resources and labor relations and Anthony Matala is VP-finance.

At Giant/Martin’s, Julie Morales will serve as VP-finance; Manuel Haro is the division’s new VP-strategy and planning; and Jim Saccary is VP-human resources.

At Stop & Shop, the largest AD U.S. brand based in Quincy, MA, Maria Silvestri, SVP, will head up human resources. Reporting to her will be Tara Fallon, VP- talent, diversity/inclusion and organization development, and Bob Spinella, VP-labor relations. Derk-Jan Terhorst, is Stop & Shop’s SVP-finance and Sonja Boelhouwer will serve as that brand’s VP-strategy.

At its Food Lion unit, based in Salisbury, NC, Linda Johnson has been named SVP-human resources. Reporting to her will be Millette Granville, VP- talent, diversity/inclusion and organization development. Jason Wilson will serve as SVP-finance.

At Hannaford, based in Scarborough, ME, Margo Peffer has been appointed VP-human resources and Tom Kelly will serve as VP-finance.

The biggest grouping of professional services executives will work at the retailer’s RBS unit, which will be based in Quincy, but have management operating from other brand locations, too. Roger Wheeler was appointed to president of RBS earlier this year and his key executive team includes: Kathy Russello, EVP-people systems & services; Paul Scorza, EVP and CIO; JJ Freeman, EVP-commercial services & strategy; Chris Lewis, EVP-supply chain; Tim Mahoney SVP-real estate & store development; Nancy Nicoll, VP-not for resale (NFR); and Christy Phillips-Brown, VP-communications.

Reporting to Russello will be: Bob Eicholtz, VP-human resources systems and services; Cathy Edwards, VP-learning talent services; Adrienne Heil, VP-human resources for RBS supply chain services; Janet McGorty, VP-total rewards; and David White, VP-human resources for RBS.

Reporting to Scorza in IT will be: Edward Carreira, VP-COO; Odile Ducatez, VP-architecture, strategy & data; Howard Miller, VP-solutions development (engagement); Subodh Mishra, VP- solutions development (transactional); Katherine Phillips, VP-infrastructure; Joseph Sheldon, VP-service delivery & store technology; and Brian Theise, VP-solutions development (mobile, web & innovation).

Reporting to Lewis in supply chain will be: Lee Nicholson, VP-supply chain strategy; John Patriquin, SVP-supply chain operations; Timothy Rohrbaugh, VP-logistics; and Andre Shaw, SVP-demand. Reporting to Patriquin will be Louis DeLorenzo, SVP-supply chain operations

Reporting to Shaw will be Brian Aubertine, VP-demand planning group.

In real estate, reporting to Mahoney will be: John Hernon, VP-asset management & leasing; Michael MacKnight, VP-store development; Susan Sollenberger, VP-maintenance; and Gary Stutz, VP-real estate.

In finance, Greg Amoroso, CFO, will operate within Ahold Delhaize USA. Reporting to him will be: Kimberly Lechner, SVP-accounting & business services; Mike Miller, VP-RBS financial planning & analysis; David Hilse, VP-portfolio strategy; Arjan de Ruiter, VP-financial planning & analysis. Reporting to Lechner will be Kristina Rota, VP-corporate accounting and reporting.

Linn Evans will serve as chief legal officer of Ahold Delhaize USA and Kim Lyda, SVP-legal services will report to Evans. Reporting to Lyda will be: Libby Christman, VP-risk management & safety; Gail Goolkasian, VP-employment labor and benefit laws; Larry Kohl, VP-quality assurance; Dawn Perry, VP-business and regulatory law; Dyana Tull, VP-litigation; Caroline Woodward, VP-real estate law; and Teross Young, VP-government affairs.

The Ahold Delhaize integration is one of the largest reorganizations in the food industry over the past decade. With all U.S. businesses now consolidated, the international retailer is hoping that an efficient infrastructure coupled with a decentralized branding approach will not only lead to greater internal productivity, but also to increased sales at store level.

I have no doubt this new streamlined lineup will bring more internal synergy, but I still have my doubts that, without more staffing and improved training at store level, significant same store sales gains can be achieved.

Now that it’s almost game time for the new team, we’ll be keeping score.