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Well, it certainly was an undertaking, but what you now hold in your hands (or are viewing online at is the result of the entire Best Met Publishing team’s months of effort in compiling the Food Trade News Annual Market Study!  Last year we added the entire metro New York market to this all inclusive report and it proved to be an instant success with our entire readership. The availability of such data is not easy to come by, and it was a Herculean effort to compile. The team we have is exceptional and I can tell you we stand by the information and data in this report. I challenge anyone to find this type of cohesive data on one of the most important marketing areas in the world anywhere else. It certainly is a wealth of information and I hope you enjoy it and find it beneficial for your business and information. Kudos to all of my associates at Food World/Food Trade News for all of their hard team work and dedication in putting this together!

Bob Unanue and the entire team at Goya Foods donated 5,000 pounds of food to the recent National Puerto Rican Day Parade food drive. The food donation will benefit Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York’s Feeding Our Neighbors campaign, which supports a vast network of food pantries and emergency food programs throughout the archdiocese. The donation is part of the Goya Gives campaign, a series of annual donations initiated in 2011 in celebration of Goya’s 75th anniversary that serves to encourage others to participate in the message of helping those in need. “Since the initiation of the Goya Gives campaign, we have donated over four million pounds of food to various charities worldwide and encourage others through social media and our networks to help out in times of need,” says Rafael Toro, director of public relations for Goya. Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez, president of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade says, “We are thrilled to have launched the ‘Alimentar Nuestro Projimo’ Food Drive, as one of our deeply-rooted community and cultural initiatives to help those in need. ‘A donde come uno, pueden comer dos’ is a common phrase used in all Puerto Rican households, meaning that, ‘Through sharing, you can feed a crowd.’ It is about service, kindness and support. The National Puerto Rican Day Parade Board’s motto ‘Un pueblo, muchas voces’ (One Nation, Many Voices) embodies the intent and goal of this food drive…one community united to support others. We are proud to collaborate with Catholic Charities Food Pantries and GOYA in this exciting project.”

I was going to wish a speedy recovery to Tony Landolfi of 4C Foods on his recent hip replacement surgery, but by the time I saw him six weeks after the procedure he was already up and about and walking with no notable traces of a limp. Great recovery Tony!

Glad to hear that Dan Berube has landed a position with Associated Foods. We understand that Dan will be the director of DSD reporting in to Joe Garcia. Dan joins Associated from General-Trading Company and prior to that had been with Key Foods.

Mark your calendars for September 10 for the White Rose Fall/Winter Selling show to be held at the MeadowlandsExpoCenter. The lovely Deirdre Capone of White Rose tells us that this show will help retailers and vendors alike “Corral in the Savings,” and if you need more information contact D at 732-541-3727 or

The incredible shrinking man in the form of Gene Sninski of Stop & Shop is appearing around the trade. Gene tells us he dropped 55 pounds the old fashioned way – watching what he eats and exercising. Keep it up Gene, you look great!

I received a change of address from Gordon Bennett and his team at MPS Enterprises. They have left their old place in Secaucus and now set up shop at 100 Challenger Road, Suite 301 in Ridgefield Park, NJ07660. Their phone number is the same at 201.866.1300. We hear the new place is spectacular and can’t wait to see it.

A big congratulations to dear friends Richie and Lucille DeSimone of Alpha 1 Marketing. The couple was recognized by the Tri-State Italian-American Congress as its “People of the Year” at the group’s recent annual dinner.  Rich and Lucille had first met when they both were at the old M.W. Houck food brokerage and have been married and together for more than 20 years. It seemed only fitting that TSIAC honored them together as one, because that is how they truly are. It is rare that you do not see them together at a trade event, and I can attest they are as honest and giving a couple in our industry as you’ll find. The added benefit, though, is that anything they do is always with smiles and laughter the whole way through. Well deserved!

Whole Foods opened a new 32,000 square foot unit in the ColonieCenter in the Capital region of New York. It is their first store in New York state that is outside of the NYC area. “We anticipate opening other stores in the Albany market,” northeast region president Christina Minardi said. “After we open the store, we get a sense of where our customers might be coming from. We anticipate this being a multiple-store market. We don’t do cookie-cutter stores. We design every store to fit into every market we’re in.” Minardi oversees Whole Foods’ stores in New York, Connecticut and most of New Jersey, and does not have a specific number of outlets for the Albany region, but the company announced that they have 15 stores in development for the Northeast region but did not specify where.